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I am totally not Greek, nor have I ever been to Greece, although I've tried my best to familiarize myself with the history and keep up on the latest news. If I'm getting something completely wrong, please feel free to correct me!

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These are random quirks and stuff that have somehow or other wormed their way into my characterization:

  • He doesn't like rough sex... he prefers sex to be gentle, sweet and pleasurable for both parties.

  • He has issues with "sticky things".

  • He likes sitting or sleeping with his back against a wall or other solid surface whenever possible. This is to prevent any possible attacks from behind. Yes, he can be paranoid.

  • He doesn't like sudden movements and will react to them, sometimes violently.

  • He doesn't like heights that aren't connected with solid ground, but will put up with it in certain situations.

  • He loves pranks and has an odd sense of humor. Beware.

  • He doesn't understand love, or falling in love. He recognizes that others can feel this emotion, but it's a mystery to him.

  • He has a very odd speech pattern that takes A RIDICULOUSLY LONG AND ROUNDABOUT WAY TO SAY SOMETHING SIMPLE. Sometimes he just stops speaking in the middle of a sentence because his thoughts go somewhere else.

  • Whenever someone badmouths his mother, he will get angry and jump to defend her name... but his own feelings towards her are ambivalent.

  • Although he appears to be friendly and open with almost everyone, he will never be truly happy or normal. The most he can hope for is being content.

  • He can be very spacey and scatterbrained, and often times easily tricked, but he is not stupid. If he seems too ludicrously brainless to be believable, he's most likely doing it on purpose. Why? Either to get a rise out of people, because of his sense of humor, or to cause people to underestimate him. Those who seem to be the least threat is often the most.

  • Stroking his haircurl results in a rush of pleasant feelings. Not exactly erogenous like the Italys' nor sexually aggressive like how Attaturk reacted... but more like a gentle full-body massage out in the warm sun while lying on pure fluff.

  • He calls Turkey "Sadiq" or "Sadık".

  • He's a smoker, and isn't above pilfering a few cigarettes from unsuspecting nations.

  • His shirts seem to always get ruined...

  • Lately he's been on better terms with Turkey, and if Turkey doesn't say or do anything to irritate him, he can stand to spend time with the guy.

  • He has no concept of personal space and doesn't think twice about physical contact. Although it may sometimes be inappropriate, his intent (usually) isn't anything malicious or sexual.

Historical Headcanon

This is my personal account of what happened to him in the past. I know it may or may not coincide with headcanon of people I'm playing with, hence I will almost never specify or confirm his past in actual RP unless previously agreed upon with my partners to give a wider range of reactions and interactions. This is mostly to give myself a grounding on why he acts the way he does, and tie back into his personality quirks above.

Also, I'm not as studious with history as some other RPers might be, so if I have an error in my history, please do comment and let me know! I'm also very open to suggestions as well, and would love to hear your headcanons.

  • He did not see his mother die, and for years afterward, didn't know who killed her.  I waver back and forth on how this occurred, and my current favorite headcanon is that Turkey had kidnapped (conquered?) him during one of the attacks and Mama Greece died later trying to rescue him.  He waited years for his mother to come save him, not knowing she was already dead.

  • Turkey effectively "hid" him from the world, and didn't allow him any interactions with other nations. This is why he is completely socially inept and would rather observe others from a distance rather than interact with them.

  • He didn't always hate Turkey, that developed over years of living with him. When he first got taken in by Turkey, he was kinda unhappy and skittish... then they started developing some sort of odd father-son relationship... then they grew to be slightly comfortable with each other... then Greece would start taking too many liberties and Turkey would have to put him in his place... which made Greece >:| ...and it got worse and worse as he grew up until the rebellion.

  • He did suffer a lot of physical and emotional abuse at Turkey's hands. He won't confirm any sexual abuse, and refuses to talk about it. Regardless of what he admits out loud, he has had sex with Turkey in the past

  • He and Egypt conducted some sexual exploration when they were young.

  • He and Cyprus are half brothers. They share the same mother, but have different fathers.

Past Events (anonmeme RP)

Some interesting things that have happened to him in the past:

  • Has given a cat to Russia, Spain and Poland

  • Once assumed the identity of Pretty Cat Soldier Greece Pink

  • Accidentally broke Turkey's mask, and eventually gave him a new one as a birthday present

  • Tried raising earthworms once, but they were chocolate

  • Made the mistake of sleeping with a Romano (dammit_spain) and pissed off Spain's conquistador alter ego, who attacked him. He didn't fight back because he didn't want to hurt his best friend, and ended up stabbed, concussed and suffering slight amnesia (he didn't recognize Spain after he woke up). He and Spain eventually patched up their friendship and Greece agreed not to sleep with any more Romanos

  • Was afraid of cats for a while, but was cured through hypnosis by Spain

  • Spain also hypnotized him into complimenting Turkey every time Turkey calls him an insulting name, and to insult England's cooking

  • Accidentally gave Chibimano an opium-laced tomato

  • Refuses to acknowledge Mama Greece as his mother, but refers to Rome as his "maybe-dad"

  • Has a turtle named after him

  • Desecrated a different conquistador!Spain's flag... he apparently can't get along with conquistadors

  • Disappeared into the Aegean Sea for nearly a month while fishing.

  • Rescued the Romano he slept with (dammit_spain) from pirate England.

  • Received a baby turtle named Cazzo as a gift from that Romano

  • Got asked to the prom by a conquistador Spain

  • Had sex with his mother at the prom, during which he finally recognized her and completely lost it, trying to unsuccessfully kill her. Afterwards, Turkey found him in the midst of a breakdown and brought him back to his house.

  • During the prom incident, Turkey vandalized Greece's house, so Greece lived at Turkey's house until he inevitably got kicked out.

  • When his younger self became an adult and waged war on him, they became temporarily unable to be present in the same room without suffering reactions.

  • Had been hypnotized into being constantly happy and ecstatic. It scared everyone.

  • After Mama Greece broke up with Ottoman Turkey, she moved in to his house. Later on, Rome joined the household too.

  • Had Turkey tied to his bed for a while when Turkey was under the influence of a love potion. He thought Turkey was ill and tried to nurse him back to health. Turkey threw up on Greece's rug.

  • Was killed and eaten by Turkey during the zombie apocalypse.

  • After a violent encounter with Ottoman Turkey, he experienced a dissociative fugue where he took on a human identity for a while and thought he was human, during which he was convinced that he worked as a stripper and was engaged to Turkey.

  • He apparently became the Eurosloths' pack leader.

  • During a drunken Independence Day celebration, things got a little too out of control with Mama Greece, leading to kissing and questionable conclusions.

  • Had quite the adventure with Ottoman Turkey (Osmaniac), involving haunted castles, magic amulets, hidden treasure, vengeful ghosts and bodily possession. As a result, they get along a little bit better now.

  • Met Sakura (fem!Japan) and unknowingly insulted her. He's been trying since then to make it up to her. But he still thinks she's weird and a voyeur.

  • Became angry at Mama Greece for moving back in with Ottoman Turkey and neglecting his younger self. Words were exchanged.

People he's slept with:

  • Bulgaria, which resulted in a DVD

  • France

  • Canada

  • Romano

  • Matty Dada

  • Egypt?? (drunken blowjob)

  • His mom

  • ...??

  • Anon

  • Estonia

  • Ottoman Turkey (handjob, blowjob and 69)

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The nightmares are back. The same terrifying nightmares from my childhood, where I wake with my heart racing and face wet with tears, yet unable to remember exactly what had occurred. The other night, I fell asleep on the couch long after Sadiq had gone to bed. Not two hours had passed before the nightmares claimed me. I yearn to once again sleep wherever I choose; even my mid-day naps need to be cut short for fear of slipping into a dream.

I suppose now that mother is living at my house, I needn't stay at Sadiq's. My stay has already stretched to the point where people have started to notice and question. However, I fear mother might have an adverse reaction if I request to sleep in the same bed as she. Or perhaps it is I who would have the adverse reaction. I'm still unable to rid from my mind that man who claimed to be mother. Claimed that I slept with her on the night of the prom. Interestingly, that was when the nightmares started again, when I woke to find myself in Sadiq's house with no memory of the previous night. And it has only gotten worse since meeting that man.

Eurovision and FIFA had served to be adequate distractions, but now I need to find something else to occupy my mind until the nightmares cease and I may return to my normal life.
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The entire time I've been playing Greece, I've always played him more towards the kookier side. My take on him is that he's not very mentally stable, and never really has been. This is just a tiny look into some of his... issues.

Dissociative Amnesia )


Reactive Attachment Disorder )


Child Abuse )

For Karpussy and Tourkokratia )

"The body mends soon enough. The broken spirit, however, takes the longest to heal."


Stress, Trauma and Memory
Taken from the book The Developing Mind by Daniel J Siegel. Some more information on how trauma and stress can affect memory, basically more notes to myself on how Greece should act.

Spellcheck does not work on science. )
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For when I have nothing better to do with my time

I love the whole world... )

Songs that remind me of Greece )

  • In modern times komboloi is used by people who want to limit smoking.
  • Apokries runs for 3 weeks immediately preceding Lent.
  • In Greece and Cyprus, it is believed that sleep paralysis occurs when a ghost-like creature or Demon named Mora, Vrachnas or Varypnas (Greek: Μόρα, Βραχνάς, Βαρυπνάς) tries to steal the victim's speech or sits on the victim's chest causing asphyxiation.
  • The Mani Peninsula was the only part of Greece never captured by invaders.
  • Stereotypes:
    • Bosniaks are stupid (think of the Polish jokes, but replace the Pole with Bosniac)
    • Montenegrins are really lazy (like more than hetalia's Greece)
    • Slovenians are workaholics and uptight
    • Albanians steal and are technologically impaired
    • Serbians are misers and malicious
  • Different from Western cultures, it is Tuesday the 13th of the month that is considered unlucky in Greece and not Friday the 13th.
  • Because you never know if what they are saying about you is good or bad, it wouldn’t hurt to whisper ‘Skorda (garlic)’ under your breath, just to be on the safe side.
  • In Greek superstition, If you sneeze, it means that someone is talking about you. If you want to know who it is, there is a way you can find out. Ask someone around you to give you a three-digit number. Count each digit together and then count down the alphabet. Whatever letter it falls on, is the initial of the person that is talking about you.  For example, 534 is the number given. Add it together 5+3+4=12 . Count down the alphabet to ‘L’, which is the twelfth letter. That is the first initial of the person that is talking about you.